Friday, October 30, 2009

More Canvases

These are two new canvases that I will have at the show.  I was inspired by my friend Carrie.  A few years ago I walked into her house around Christmastime and she had a huge canvas that had "Hallelujah" on it.  I just loved it.  Hallelujah means "praise the Lord".  That is what I want our Christmas (and every day) to be about, praising the Lord.  I'm working on a huge funky Hallelujah canvas for my mantel (can I put funky and Hallelujah in the same'll get it when you see it).  Anyways, I wanted to do a smaller version for the boutique show.  So here it is.  Emmanuel means "God is with us" in case you didn't know.  These canvases are 
12 x 24 and are $35.00 each.

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